The Scottish Parliament & a U.S State Legislature Need Your Brief Statement.

  • Two birds with one stone! Same information for Both
  • U.S = speak only about Benzos
    Scotland = benzos & antidepressants are both acceptable
  • Anyone in any country can participate!

How to participate:

Write a 1 paragraph to 3 page statement about your prescription harm


  • What was your harm? (symptoms, life losses etc.)
  • If the drugs were taken as prescribed?
  • If you were given informed consent?

send to subject line PE 01651

You can use your name or request to be anonymous
Do not name practitioners

Deadline February 15, 2018
More info:

send to subject line Bill H.3594
Must include your name & address
Deadline ASAO
More info:

Sonja Styblo has acted as a community organizer and liaison regarding legislative change in the area of informed consent in benzodiazepine and non- benzodiazepine hypnotic prescription. She is an iatrogenic victim herself. Sonja has a particular interest in the intersection of benzodiazepines and complex post-traumatic stress. She is additionally interested in exploring relevant information regarding sociopolitical and economic systems as they relate to this mass and lengthy medical disaster. Sonja has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work.

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