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As the benzodiazepine problem picks up steam, we are receiving more and more media requests.  Many times these requests are for interviews with victims, both recovered and still suffering.  Should you have interest in being included in a future news segment or article and feel comfortable telling your story we would like to hear from you! The only requirements you must meet include: (1) your story must be one of taken-as-prescribed harm (sorry, but because of our mission/objectives, we typically do not get requests for addiction/abuse stories); and (2) you must not use what we call “addiction terminology” (e.g., words like ‘hooked,’ ‘clean,’ ‘addicted,’ etc.) in your video or in your actual interview with the media, should you be chosen..

To let us know of your interest, we are asking that you submit a brief typewritten profile along with a 2-8 minute video (details below). Your video may be shown to media outlets interested in the story.  It will not appear on YouTube or social media or be published by any media outlets. Otherwise, it will be solely used by BIC for determining which candidates best fit the story.

Journalists that contact us typically are looking for a particular demographic (e.g., male, female, elderly, 20-somethings, etc.) and are on a short deadline. This often leaves us scrambling to find the perfect fit.  Having a “library” of different stories at our fingertips would help immensely.

Typed information to include with your video submission:

Your name
Your age
Your location
Your email
You contact number
If you believe you are/were harmed by other prescribed drugs
If you are currently taking other prescribed drugs
If you have any other conditions that you would talk about were you to be interviewed

Please include in your video submission:

Here you should be describing the details of your story in a chronological time sequence, to the best of your ability: the initial reason for prescription, what benzodiazepine(s) and/or Z-drug, how long, how did you withdraw, what happened, etc..

Technical Requirements

The Rule of Thirds

  • 2-8 minutes in length
  • Shoot in landscape (horizontally)
  • Shoot in the rule of thirds

Do not worry or put time and energy into making the “perfect” video submission, as this is not for public use. In other words, it is OK if you stumble over words here and there, etc.

Submit your video here or

Submit your written profile here


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