Janice Curle

Founder / Board of Directors
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Janice is a graduate of the University of South Florida.  Prior to becoming sick from benzodiazepines she was working on her Masters in Clinical Psychology.  She founded Benzodiazepine Information Coalition in 2016 after sustaining a multi year injury from prescription Ativan taken as instructed by her physician.  She experienced severe side effects from the drug and was misdiagnosed, over a 5 year period, with a multitude of health problems from multiple specialists unable to consider benzodiazepines as the culprit.  When she finally discovered the cause of these problems she was unable to find a physician, despite multiple consultations, capable of tapering her off the drug. Fortunately she was able to find this information online from other laypeople who had experienced the same problem.  Shocked with, and confused by, the widespread lack of knowledge within the medical community about such a commonly prescribed class of drugs, along with a feeling of indebtedness towards the prescribed harm community that saved her, she decided to organize and form a coalition to facilitate information sharing, awareness, education, research and change.




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