Lori Wise, R.Ph.

Lori Wise has been a retail pharmacist for over 22 years.  She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1992. While she has never taken benzos herself, she has dispensed countless prescriptions for benzos, and saw the widespread abuse, misuse, addiction, side-effects and withdrawal effects from these medications.  This experience, and reading some of the personal horror stories online fueled her desire to join Benzodiazepine Information Coalition’s Medical Board.
Her passion as a pharmacist who has worked so many years in the industry, and seen the damage prescription drugs do, is to help educate people on:
a) how prescription drugs really work in the body,
b) the negative side effects and dangers of prescription drugs,
c) healthy alternatives and choices to prescription drugs, and
d) how to come off of, and be free from prescription drugs.