No. If you are able to follow your prescription, you are able to follow a taper plan. Most detox programs end up causing more problems for benzodiazepine-dependent patients. Many have even stopped treating benzodiazepine patients altogether, because tapering properly is a drawn-out process, and benzodiazepine detox is high risk with a low success rate. If a rehab program promises you a successful detox, do not be fooled, as there are no certainties with benzodiazepine cessation. We are contacted regularly by patients, even those who went to the most “prestigious” rehabs, who were made worse, only to have their symptoms denied, be sent home to either reinstate and have to taper again, or ride out the post acute withdrawal symptoms for months to years, waiting to get their life back. Evidence shows that overly-rapid detox or taper puts the patient at risk for a longer, more debilitating withdrawal.