Patients should become their own best advocate. A good prescriber allows you to control your own taper based on symptoms and proceed at a speed that is comfortable for you. Additionally a good prescriber will not require you to use adjunctive medication if this is against your wishes. If your prescriber doesn’t meet the minimum requirements in terms of knowledge and support, it is advisable to find someone more suitable to oversee your taper. Given the dangers of benzodiazepine cessation, you should not stay with a doctor who is not qualified or helpful. Some things to ask: Will the prescriber provide access to your “crossover” drug of choice (if you plan on crossing over)? Does the provider understand tapering can be a long term (longer than a year) venture that includes the risk of disability? Do they understand benzodiazepines and withdrawal both can be life altering and disabling? Are they willing to sign any disability forms, if needed? How often will they want to see you?